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Who is Inkcentricity? Essentially, it is Phillip Cole. I am the one that does the design and printing. Before I start talking about myself, let me fill you in on where Inkcentricity came from.

In 2009, after a period of freelancing, I started the in plant printing operations of Cole Farm Equipment. At first, it was just informally named, so that made it a bit hard to promote. As more services were added, it came time to make it an official branch of the company. In 2016, Inkcentricity became a separately named business and that is where it stands today.

I would really like to tell you the name came from how ink, and therefore printing, is central to what I do. While it is true, but it isn’t the real source. Inkcentricity is a take off of eccentricity. Eccentrics are know for acting outside the box, and that’s what I do.

Now, you may be wondering about me personally. I first found out about computer graphics in high school. As soon as I experienced it, I knew that was what I wanted to do. After graduating Breckinridge County High School in 2001, I went to Louisville Technical Institute and received an Associate Degree in Computer Graphic Design in 2003. Then it was time to put the knowledge and plan to work.

While waiting on an official job, I took on freelance work for local businesses and groups. This soon became more than just a way to earn money; I realized that there was a need for a local place to have design work done. I wanted graphic design to be accessible to small businesses that didn’t have large budgets for it to be done.

Design is only part of the reason for what I do, as designing with no purpose isn’t going to net much. Though earning money pays the bills, helping people is what I’m really after. That is where the “Created for you” slogan comes in, and is actually a two-fold concept.

All of what I do is done with you in mind. There aren’t any pre-made designs that I pull of the shelf and slap your contact information into. I spend time talking withe you and seeing what your goals are. I want to understand you and the unique personality of your business or group. That’s the business side of the slogan.

The personal side is this: I believe that every one has a God designed purpose. We may deny it, we may run from it, but it is there. There are a lot of things that I cannot do, but I am able to help you with the advertising materials you need. That is the second part of “Created for you.” I am here to honor God by using what He has given me to serve you.

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