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A quick search for any kind of design company will net thousands of results. Which brings up the question of why should you choose Inkcentricity to do your graphic design. There are many ways that this type of question has been answered.

You have the hyperbole: Because I’m awesome and will make you awesome, too.

There’s the attempt at humor: Because I need the work.

The fallback on straight-forward facts: I have a long history in design and business and can meet your specific project needs.

You have probably seen others, but there’s no reason to go further. My point is, you may be wondering why you should even contact me. This is especially true if you don’t know me. Here are what I consider to be reasons to picking Inkcentricity.

Breckinridge County is my home, and I have strong ties to Meade County as well. I’ve spent many years in this area, my entire life up to this point. I’ve seen many changes over this time, but the values have remained constant. People want things that will benefit them, and they don’t want to pay more than necessary for those items.

I grew up in a small, family business. I know what it is like to look for graphic design that is affordable and useful. You have to have both parts, or the design won’t do you much good. Besides that, what works for one business won’t always work for another.

I do my best to get a feel of what you do, and the message you are wanting to get across. I’ll talk with you, get any ideas or requests you have, and design according to that. I do this is for you, so if it isn’t what you want, it won’t do either of us any good.

Contact me and let me help you get the word out.

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